Reading Materials, Inspirations and Books I Like.

Photographer's Handbook Michael Busselle & John Freeman Copyright Octopus Books 1984, Edition Published 1989

I have had this book for years but only briefly flicked through it. At the time of acquiring it I had a Pentax SFE 35mm but an awful lot of the technicalities whooshed over my head. Now looking through the chapters much of it is not relevant as it deals with film, and the complexities of light and exposure on film but an awful lot now makes sense :o) Some of the information is also relevant to digital photography therefore I am glad I found it lurking at the back of a dusty cupboard and will add it to the growing, scattered pile of books by my PC desk.

How to Photograph Babies & Children Photographs Anthea Sieveking Text Steve Parker Copyright Harper Collins 1994.

Quite a generic book, purchased when my daughter was a toddler to give me some inspiration. Again, thankfully more of the technical information is clearer these days. Handy to dip into, aimed at film users but the compositional ideas and other techniques are still relevant.

Digital Rebel XTi/400D Digital Field Guide Charlotte K.Lowrie Copyright cWiley Publishing Inc Indianapolis, Indiana 2007

Brilliant book all about my camera. Invaluable when I've not used a function for a while, or never used it and want to find out how :o)

Langford's Starting Photography 5th Edition Michael Langford & Philip Andrews Copyright Elsevier/Focal Press 2007

Fantastic book that I bought 2 years ago when I started my NCFE Photography course, a good introductory book which outlines a lot of the basics of digital photography. Browse through it every now and then to help me clarify points in my head. The glossary I find invaluable when trying to explain and put into "English" some technical terms.

The Photographers Eye Michael Freeman Copyright Elsevier Focal Press 2007

Introduced to this book when I started out on my NCFE level 1 I found it a wonderful introduction to concepts I had not previously even thought about. Intrigued by Fibonacci divisions I drew one on a plastic wallet that I put my images into and was surprised to discover that they all worked within these divisions. I still dip in now to remind myself about dynamic tension, rhythm and visual weight. It contains excellent visual examples.

Learning to See Creatively Bryan Peterson Copyright Amphoto Books 2003

I was lucky to be lent this book by my previous tutor, it echos many of the concepts found in The Photographers Eye whilst introducing other ideas , with plenty of visual examples.

Digital Night and Low-Light Photography Tim Gartside Copyright The Ilex Press Limited 2006

I love looking at the images in this book :o) Having said that I have experimented with some of the effects. Low-light and night shots are something that I have put on the back burner while I get to grips with the basics but I do love playing with light. Useful sections on colour cast and white balance.

Joel Meyerowitz Colin Westerbeck  Copyright Phaidon Press Limited Revised Edition 2005

I find Joel Meyerowitz very inspirational for many reasons. His versitility, his humour and that he was instrumental in changing the attitude towards the use of colour photography to name a few. Full of his images and explanations next to each.

Homeland Nina Berman Copyright Trolley Ltd 2008

An exploration of the gradual increase of militarism since 9/11 some quite disturbing and thought provoking images.

Nina Berman: Homeland

Little People in The City- The Street Art of Slinkachu First Published 2008 by Boxtree an imprint of Pan Macmillan Ltd

A really clever witty book, both art and photography. Street artist Slinkachu glues small plastic models in different realistic scenarios and photographs them from a distance and close up.

Little People - a tiny street art project

Shadow Catchers Camera-less Photography Martin Barnes (Author)  Publisher: Merrell Publishers Ltd (1 Oct 2010)

A book of the exhibition I went to see. Stunning images, the write up's annoyed me ;o)

London Street Photography 1860-2010 (Museum of London) Mike Seaborne (Author)Publisher: Dewi Lewis Publishing (18 Feb 2011)

Book of the exhibition I went to see, not really delved into it as yet but really enjoyed the exhibition.

We English Simon Roberts Copyright Chris Boot First Edition 2009

Another book that I borrowed from my tutor. A good introduction to a body of work ensuring the same vantage point and focal length and subject pull together.

Advanced Digital Black and White Photography by John Beardsworth Copyright The Ilex Press Ltd 2007

is a book which contains 5 sections covering every aspect of digital black and white photography, Capturing the Black and White Image, Converting to Black and White, Fine-Tuning the Photograph, Creative Effects and Presentation and Output. Very useful in my opinion!

Camera Lucida Roland Barthes

Hmmmmmmm at the moment I'd describe this one as a necessary evil ;o) Where did my thesaurus/dictionary go?

Susan Sontag On Photography

Easier to read but only dip in every now and again....not got that far in....interesting ideas :o)

The Non-Conformists Martin Parr Aperture 2013

The book purchased after seeing Only in England, an exhibition of work by Martin Parr and Tony Ray Jones, then a talk with Martin Parr. Very enlightening talk with regards to the anthropology behind the body of work. Used this book and the work of Tony Ray-Jones as inspiration of PWDP Assignment 5. The Non Conformists features Parr's earliest work from Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire and presents an historic document of the region's disappearing way of life.

Genesis Sebastiao Salgado Taschen 2013

Another book to go with an exhibition viewed. I think that the images have been over produced but this does not take away from the composition and subject matter covered. Helps to show why some topics are chosen, that Salgado does not pigeon-hole himself as to genre and how collaborating with other agencies can help you complete a body of work.

Untold- the stories behind the photographs Steve McCurry Phaidon Press Ltd 2013

Spotted this book and wanted it straight away, taking a look at how McCurry finds takes and develops his photographs it includes 14 of his photo-stories each illustrated with notes, images and ephemera. As well as being a fascinating biography I thought it would also help me work through why some images work, why photographers shoot what they do and how to go about it.One of the telling quotes is about how on the way to photograph a certain place a dust storm happened and he snapped away as the opportunity arose stressing "You can't get hung up on what you think you "real" destination is. The journey is just as important."

Uncommon Places - Stephen Shore Thames & Hudson 2012 -  originally published 1982

Shore was one of the first photographers to use colour photography outside of fashion and advertising. I used his approach on the American vernacular landscape as an influence on PWDP Assignment 1.

Crazy Photography Author Diane Routex Editor Nicolas Marcais Vivays Publishing Ltd 2012

This book presents the work of over 40 contemporary photographers and how they skillfully manipulate and play with images, challenging our perceptions and beliefs. It offers a multi-faceted panorama of 21st century photography. Used for inspiration for PWDP Assignment 2.

ABC William Klein Tate 2012
Another book to accompany an exhibition viewed, this time a retrospective on the work of Moriyama and Klein. It features chronologically arranged images including his iconic photographs, painted contacts sheets, magazine covers and examples of his photobooks. It gave me insight to the different genres he covered, how he developed his own style breaking away from tradition routes to capture fashion, how later he reworked old images into possibly pieces of artwork. Used for inspiration for my essay for PWDP Assignment 4.

The Photographers Mind Michael Freeman ILEX 2010

Not read this thoroughly yet but it should aid with avoiding cliches, to understand photographic styles and help with developing my own distinct approach to image making.

The Way Home - Tom Hunter Hatje Cantz Verlag 2012

Covers many of his bodies of work created over 25 years, showing his enduring fascination with Hackney, his photographic and historical art influences. I found his work interesting in connection with the motivation behind capturing places, the personal and the political, what story was he attempting to tell, Another photographer I bore in mind for PWDP Assignment 1 and also 3.


Adobe Photoshop CS for Photographers Martin Evening Copyright Focal Press 2004

Excellent information with regards to ICC profiles, printers, how to set your printer for optimum results. Critical decisions with which papers to use, projected life expectancy of ink/paper/prints.

The New American Luminism - A chapter from American Photography: A Critical History 1945 author Jonathan Green, Complier James Friedman Copyright Harry N. Abrams 1984

discussing the colour renaissance of the Seventies. Interesting examination of the photographers who started to work in colour, the resistance they first met and how they influenced photography. It introduced me to photographers such as Joel Meyerowitz, Stephen Shore, Marie Cosindas, William Eggleston, Walker Evans. Some of the work I like, some I don't but all demonstrate how they can use colour effectively within their chosen genre.

On Being a Photographer Bill Jay & David Hurn Copyright Lenswork Publishing; 3 edition 2001

On Looking at Photographs David Hurn & Bill Jay Copyright LensWork (1999)

Black and White in Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop Lightroom Leslie Alsheimer and Bryan O'Neil Hughes  Elsevier/Focal Press. 2009

Creative Black and White Digital Photography Tips and Techniques Harold Davis Wiley Publishing Inc 2010

Criticizing Photographs - an introduction to understanding images, Terry Barrett Mayfield Publishing Company 1990

On-Camera Flash - Techniques for digital wedding and portrait photography, Neil van Niekerk, Amherst Media 2009

Legacy - The preservation of wilderness in New York City parks, Joel Meyerowitz Aperture 2009

Edward Weston 125 Photographs AMMO Books 2012

Dipping Into Books

Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS, Bruce Fraser Copyright  Peachpit Press 2005

RAW 101 Better Images with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements Jon Canfield Copyright  SYBEX Inc 2005

RAW Workflow from Capture to Archives, Philip Andrews, Yvonne J.Butler, Joe Farace Copyright  Elsevier/Focal Press. 2006

The Photography Reader editor Liz Wells Publisher: Routledge; 1 edition (December 20, 2002)