Thursday, 6 January 2011

Life's Interuptions!

Snow,Christmas, New Year and my daughter's friends spilling alcohol all over my keyboard!!!

Several planned trips to exhibitions were delayed, hoping to reschedule in the coming weeks, Christmas spent with my mother meant I was not at home with PC, software, books or props for photography. New Year and my daughter was back from Uni seeing many friends, some of whom came round and were not as respectful as I would have liked with my keyboard. It eventually dried out and still works, however despite being cleaned some of the keys are still sticky and I don't like the feel or the sound of it! I doubt very much if the impoverished students will be able to replace it so it will be down to the impoverished mother to do it herself! Not impressed at all.

Despite all of the above I have still be keeping my eye on the news, actively looking at how many images in the papers and free papers are no longer produce in black and white and most importantly of all trying to concentrate and make final images for my B&W assignment....

Daughter goes back to uni on Saturday and my son is away on a weekend Scout camp.....peace for a while :o)

Have obtained a Zennox Instant Photo studio for £12.99...will be interesting to see if I can work with it or prefer my improvised set up. I think the lights will be useful if nothing else. Watch this space...I am collecting from my Mum this Saturday :o)


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