Sunday, 7 August 2011

Having Paused....

Or not as the case maybe...I paused in going forward but have spent about a week reviewing and thinking about everything done so far. Tending to put a lot on my blog do I put too much in? Should it be more short one liners and run? I find writing helps me focus on what I should do next, makes me read the brief properly if I type it out....there are lines to be read between, don't just follow the brief, do will I know if the more is enough? When to stop? I guess you find out when you hand over the assignment. The good thing is you can always revisit and rework and learn more. Note every step you take...remember you have to prove what you have done.

I revisited some of the exercises, having received the full module and spotting a few bloopers with my captions, removed obvious statements and unnecessary words. Tightened them up a bit, it is a tricky thing to do and there will be more where they came from later on in the module so best brush up on it!

The overview of the course aims are 'to prepare you to produce images of an appropriate standard for a variety of market segments and to develop your understanding and prepardness for professional practice'.

Absolutely everything has to be spot on, I will have to turn the spotlight onto myself and really question everything I do, why am I doing it, do I understand what the consequences are or am I just doing it and hoping for the best? Honestly? I am still learning so much, it is probably a mixture of the two...I think XYZ will happen and sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't :o/ Somethings I do automatically and don't log it so can't duplicate it......I think my brain will just keep going into overload mode...

All that keeps spinning around is experiment, play, learn... :oO Even when I have played will I understand? Only one way to find out I guess.....

Time to stop tweaking and revising, make sure what has been learnt sticks and move onto Part Two: Photography in Publishing I.

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