Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Assignment Two Feedback

Some positives, lots of 'whys' and some useful pointers as to where to go next.

'Great research and write up' although the accompanying document sent was a bit long, so I need to sort out a good framework for next one.

I've added a bit more into my research, things to answer questions such as 'why red? what is the significance of colour? How did you know your problem was the velvet's nap?' 'Why a difference in the American covers?'All things I knew the answers to but hadn't included in my review. Problem is the more you ask the less you really find out! Or rather you find more out but it so contradicts each other...

The following link is to my original post now updated to reflect tutor feedback/issues raised.


Silly error that the 'double dice' one still had a slight colour cast so that has been corrected and Joe thought I could have boosted the colour more, so that's also been done, as well as making the image on the spine reflect the image on the front. I liked the way the dice stood out against the black but was advised that 'they don't fit.'

Also a suggestion that by using 'straight' photography I had limited my options. This is a valid point but I was torn between making something all singing and dancing with mad montages and surreal manipulations that showed what could be done in Photoshop but wouldn't make for a good design. I am thinking about doing a total rework but until then have done a couple of quick different takes based on my final design.

Adjusted colour cast and vibrance

Added Roulette Wheel

Have added an image of a roulette wheel which I nabbed from

just to see what effect it would have. I quite like the way it flows across the whole cover, but it bears no relevance to the plot at all! If the book was The Gambling Man it may have been a brilliant idea but it isn't so it's not. But was a good experiment to try, even if just to dismiss it.

This next one, again just a quick idea takes a portrait I had done of a friend, converted to black and white and blended with the rest, possibly not done perfectly but just a draft idea of what could be done to give it another twist.

Added portrait
I like the way the face in the background runs over into the back cover and the positioning of the eye on the spine. However I don't think the design works properly when seen just from the front, the corner of the eye socket provides nothing visually, but again a good way of discovering what works and what doesn't. I'm also not happy with the main image on the spine. It has no impact and is a bit too busy for my liking as an image for the spine so a definite return to the drawing board I think :o)

Suggested reading is reviewing of white balance and possibly look a bit more into fonts, even though the course doesn't call for it, as they will come up again.

Feeling a bit fed up that no matter what I research it turns up more questions and feel like I'm getting nowhere with it all. Goal posts move but seems by yards not inches :o(

Joe mailed me a quote from Thomas Edison that says 'I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.' ..........still got to decide if that makes me feel better or not, I only seem to have found a few ways that don't work, don't fancy wading through the 9998 left!


reworked here


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