Saturday, 5 May 2012

Dust and ooooooooooeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr

<coughs splutters> Just look at the dust in this place!!! <opens window> It's all a bit musty too.....logging in after a while was fun, blogger wanted me to use Google  Chrome and the layout isn't quite as I remember it.....never mind onwards and upwards.

Huge absence due to my mum being unwell and backwards and forwards to the hospital since Sept/Oct. Tests and scans showed the likelihood of bowel cancer. An operation in January confirmed this, plus unfortunately  it being inoperable, with secondary tumours in the liver. After a two month stay with me to recuperate and to undergo the first bout of palliative chemotherapy she went home to see what the future brings! Obviously everything went on hold but hopefully I can start to get my head back around this course!

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