Sunday, 20 January 2013

Inner Gloom

Those of who who follow my blog will realise that there has been a bit of a dearth in posts....well there has been a bit of a dearth in anything photographic. Last May I posted that my mum was terminally ill and sadly at the end of July she died. As it was expected it wasn't hugely traumatic but not much family support was forthcoming and despite being the youngest child and the only one without a partner I seemed to get everything dumped on me.....

Am still trying to wade through boxes of paperwork, wait for the solicitors to tell me probate has been sorted, distribute what can be and throw away the rubbish, be able to put the house on the market.

While not in the throes of hysterical weeping I still feel a bit deflated, everything seems to be an effort and I keep putting off things I should be doing, good and bad!

Still have got around to writing up on Klein and Moriyama...hides Burtynsky Oil which is whispering at me....hopefully I will dig out my course folder and re-read what I am supposed to be working on and damn well work on it!!


  1. I'm very sorry to hear your news, and sorry also that you are feeling so worn down and embattled. I hope things improve a little soon.

    I have a list of old blogs to write up. after a while I do wonder if it's not best to move on, unless the post was really meaningful to you - and even then you could do a few quick bullets just so you cover the main stuff. Best of luck anyway.

  2. Sorry to hear things have proved difficult, just a quick comment to wish you well!

  3. I had wondered where you were Jan. So sorry to hear the bad news about your Mum. I should be starting PWDP but my mum is ill too and I am the only carer, so we all go in the same boat at sometime I guess. I had some journal entries that never got written up in Landscape and they didnt get missed in the and as assessment went well without them so as Eileen says, dont fret about them.

  4. Really sorry to hear your news, I lost my Dad suddenly last July and my father-in-law is in the same situation at the moment so really do feel for you. Like Eileen, I hope that things start to get easier in the coming months. All the very best. Dave

  5. Yes it was expected but you were close to your mum and it will take time to absorb the empty place in your life. Both my parents died, unexpectedly, with weeks of each other in 1986 but I still often miss them. I know life has to move on but take it easy - slow steps but ones you can recognise.

    It was good to see you.

  6. Many thanks everyone for your kind words and support, was lovely to catch up with people the other day.OCA have been understanding with it all which is great and hopefully I'llget back onto it soon XX