Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Final Set Thoughts

Can't you tell I can't get out and get on with shooting? Am hitting the blog with words rather than images. I have also been keeping a physical blog with snippets of thoughts and images some of it crosses over, more so towards the end of the course. Possibly because the exercises on DPP although open to being creative were more to do with the technical post processing or capture of the images rather than the composition of them. I did look at other photographers and websites for ideas on how to approach the final assignments but for this final set I seem to be being more thoughtful, something touched on in my last rambling post ;o)

Looking in depth at the Joy Gregory set of images I was quite surprised by the inconsistency of her approach, the variation in the depth of field, the different focus of the shoes and the prominence of them within the frame, sometimes seeing all of the shoes, sometimes only a snippet.

My intention is to try and make the shoes the subject tying in the old saying "walk a mile in another man's shoes" and "you can tell a man by his shoes" with my life. Do my shoes tell the story of where and when and why? I will know the story behind each image, the final results should give an indication but also hopefully some will have a little mystery. Undoubtedly a few will  be give aways, the place obvious but only I will know the exact memory. With each new assignment I have challenged myself. This will possibly be the biggest one with such heavy reliance on the weather and the places being quite far flung :o/ Yet again I've chosen "me" as a central theme, exploring where I have been and how that has shaped me as a person. Will the images reflect that? Only the final set will tell. Will my audience feel they have walked a mile in my shoes and know me better? Or will they go.......oh shoes..............tatty shoes. I don't intend to especially clean them or repair them, they will be photographed as is, my shoes, my life, gritty realism at grovelling, muddy, floor level if they follow most of my test shots so far! :oD

As mentioned I shall attempt to make the shoes the main subject and prominent within the frame, but am open to the idea that for a better final image this may not work. This approach may mean an element not being included that helps make the final shot. I do know that I want to stick to using my 18-50mm lens and use it on the wide angle setting....I've taken test shots, have re-visited with some and improved, they may get included......let the experimentation continue :o)

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