Saturday, 23 April 2011

Light Relief from study :o)

Slowed down a bit due to completion of DPP and waiting for next lot of materials to arrive. Instead of walking around capturing images for coursework and exercises I have been taking some for fun and enjoying the lovely weather we have been experiencing for April! Has been good to take shots "just because" rather than having an ulterior motive. The following set of flowers were taken at Wakehurst Place, too bright for landscape, and the venue closed before the light was ok :o( But meant I could break out my macro lens for some fun. Still it meant I could put into practice things I had learnt about light and dynamic range and different processing techniques.

More fun stuff then went on when Gareth posted an OCA mini competition titled "Roll With It" no other rules other than it had to contain a toilet roll. I wondered did it have to be complete so completed 2 entries, one had complete rolls and the other I got creative, both with toilet roll and effects..........

Was really chuffed when my Vostok 1 image was considered to be one of the runners up :o) The main point of taking part was having fun and thinking outside the box. It is also good to be part of a student community, remote learning has the downside of not having people about to bounce ideas off in real time and a fun activity like this can only help pull us together more.

Reading some posts of the OCA Flickr forum there is an interesting question raised about framing and mounting. For my "proper" shots I don't use Keylines or fake borders but when playing I this because I subconsciously don't think they are "proper" shots? Don't think so :o) I wouldn't PRINT them the way I present them on Flickr, it seems mainly that people don't always look beyond the photostream and some of the images don't sit so well against "flickr white" then sometimes it is for sheer experimentation <shrugs>

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