Friday, 29 April 2011


I decided to practice compiling a bibliography and there are some questions I think I will need to ask with regards to when the details in the book state it is a revised edition but not which edition? Do you say "Revised Ed." and leave it or do you not state it's a revised edition? Also when a book is a compliation with a writer for the text and a credit for the compiler. Do you just state their names or what their contribution was? Here is my attempt...but this has highlighted the need for checking out this kind of thing for when a requirement of essays written at level 2. I also gleaned information from many websites and they were accessed on the date of the blog entry. Links directly to the pages viewed have been included on the actual posts so for the purpose of this compilation, on the whole, the main webpage has been noted.


Alsheimer, L and O’Neil Hughes B (2009)  Black and white in Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop Lightroom London: Elsevier/Focal Press

Andrews, P and Butler, Y, J  and Farace J RAW workflow from capture to archives London: Elsevier/Focal Press

Andrews, P and Langford M (2007)  Langford's starting photography Revised 5th ed. London: Elsevier/Focal Press

Barnes M author (2010) Shadow catchers camera-less photography  London: Merrell Publishers Ltd

Barthes R (2000) Camera lucida London: Vintage

Beardsworth  J (2007) Advanced digital black and white photography London: The Ilex Press Ltd

Berman N (2008) Homeland Great Britain: Trolley Ltd

Busselle, M and Freeman J (1989)  Photographer's handbook Revised ed. London : Octopus Books

Canfield J (2005) RAW 101 better images with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements London: SYBEX
Davis H (2010) Creative black and white digital photography tips and techniques London: Wiley Publishing Inc

Evening M (2004) Adobe Photoshop CS  for photographers London: Focal Press

Fraser B (2005) Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS London: Peachpit Press

Freeman M (2007) The photographers eye London:  Elsevier/ Focal Press

Gartside T (2006) Digital night and low-light photography London: The Ilex Press Limited

Hurn, D and Jay B  (1999) On looking at photographs London:  LensWork Publishing

Hurn, D and Jay B (2001) On being a photographer Revised 3rd Ed. London:  LensWork Publishing

Lowrie C K (2007) Digital Rebel XTi/400D digital field guide Indianapolis : C Wiley

Peterson B (2003) Learning to see creatively London: Amphoto Books 2003

Slinkachu (2008) Little people in the city- the street art of Slinkachu London: Boxtree/ Pan- Macmillan

Roberts S (2009) We English London: Boot C

Seaborne  M (2011)  London street photography 1860-2010 (Museum of London) London: Dewi Lewis Publishing

Sieveking  A (1994) How to photograph babies & children  London: Harper Collins

Sontag S (1979) On photography London: Penguin Books Ltd

Wells L (2002) The photography reader London:  Routledge

Westerbeck C (2005)  Joel Meyerowitz Revised Ed. London: Phaidon Press Limited 


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