Sunday, 8 May 2011

Results :o)

I passed phew! My tutor had indicated that there shouldn't be a problem but you always hold your breath! Second Class Upper Division which I think is fair and am pleased with :o) Having be given APEL for the two other level one modules I had to learn quite quickly what was the standard for the OCA submissions and how to show progression, learning and research as well as produce work of a suitable standard.

Assessor feedback concluded that my submission was well presented, and showed progress. The work demonstrated that I am articulate and self aware, my blog showed I appreciate the value of research. Have competent technical skill, can transmit ideas and emotions. My shoe series was described as evocative :o) Good use of colour and light. The main areas I could have gained more points on were invention and communication with my learning log described as not the easiest to navigate but was realistic, useful and of value to me. So areas to look at on the next level.

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