Monday, 30 May 2011

Photography 2 PwDP - take two

Initially part of me groaned and went grrrrr asking were all the previous projects for nothing? Then I realised anything we do is not for nothing, ok so it won't in someways count towards the PwDP qualification in the assessment per se however it has taught me some things I didn't know, brushed up on things I did, reminded me of others and has added to my overall learning curve so it has been beneficial. Initial thoughts dismissed onwards and upwards with PwDP part 2.

Looking through the course materials it is completely different in approach and how to progress with photography. There is a lot more analysis of photography, photographs, essays.....oh and lots of writing ;o)

The course aims are to prepare us to produce digital photographic images of an appropriate standard for a variety of market segments and to develop understanding and preparedness for professional practice. There are several skills which should be acquired by the end of this course geared towards understanding the limitations of equipment, quality control, independent judgment to select images for agencies, participation in the direction and design of learning and critically review as aspect of the market for photography.

Built within those aims are also my personal goals which have not altered since the outset of PwDP which were to -
  • Build upon knowledge/skills gained in the previous course.
  • Understand the limits/image capabilities of my camera a little more
  • Push my own creative thinking/experimentation.
  • Expand my theoretical knowledge.
  • Be more open minded with my attitude towards some artists, exploring more than one area of their work.
  • Improve my study skills i.e. applying the Harvard method to research and essay writing.

The course itself is divided into six parts. Part One - Five correspond to the five course assignments and Part Six deals with work preparation. The individual parts deal with a different issue or topic with assignments being sent off to tutors as per usual. The very first assignment is being treated as a diagnostic tool designed to give the tutor a feel for your work before any projects are undertaken.
I was just about to rush out and buy a copy of The Photography Reader Liz Wells (2002) but glad I didn't as this is part of the course materials, this is because part of course includes having to read three chapters from this book....
Throughout the course there is a direction more towards thinking about the purpose of the images produced, and looking at photography in context, the hows and whys of when,where and how it will be seen/used.
Am looking forward to this very much, hopefully I won't hit too many brick walls ;o)

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