Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Harvard Referencing System...

Knowing that I will have to write a critical essay and use this system the pdf was duly downloaded and for ease of reference printed out. Browsing through it most of the system makes common sense and I dare say it will be easier to follow and remember when put into practise. During DPP I made sure all websites and books used were acknowledged but realise this needs to be done properly when producing academic work. Some issues became apparent, such as books being a revised edition but not stating what edition, if I come across any of these in my research I need to check how to reference that properly. Some websites don't have published or copyright dates on and it takes me ages to check it isn't hidden anywhere on the site. I can see that noting the reference may take longer than typing out the essay!

To assist me with nailing the system I have been making sure I have a draft post which has all the sources used for research so far and think I shall publish a post at the end of each section.

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