Monday, 30 May 2011

Assignment one: Your own neighbourhood

Aim: to produce a small portfolio of images that express the character of my local neighbourhood, area or locality in which I live. These photographs should convey a strong sense of place, indicate what is unique and what it means to it's residents.

This visual exploration should :

  • Further develop my observational skill/visual awareness by concentrating on a familiar subject
  • Give me the chance to start working on images as a set rather than as individuals
  • practice editing and judgement skills
  • consolidate workflow habits
Photographic styles can be varied but there must be a focal cohesion with images working together as a single visual product. Human activity and impact within the local vicinity must be shown to truly convey the sense of place, however people maybe absent from the frame as long as there are implied traces. The final portfolio should contain between 10-15 images ideally taken from several shoots. Both original and amended files will need to be sent to my tutor for assessment.

A self appraisal should be written chronicling the photo shoots, pertinent post production notes, basis of selection of format and delivery method, the specification of digital files and the reasoning behind this choice, conceptual approach taken and how the final portfolio fulfils the original brief.

Only a small task then *coughs*

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