Sunday, 8 May 2011

Progressing With Digital Photography Aims

DPP completed now waiting for the submission date to open. Spent the last few days making sure everything is as I want, and hopefully what the assessors want to see!

I confirmed my intent to continue studying and my desire to continue with PwDP, materials finally arrived after a delay due to all the bank holidays, have introduced myself to my new tutor "waves to Joe" and had a quick skim read of the exercises and assignments. As with DPP there have been a mix of emotions, ranging from "oh sheesh that looks fiddly" to "ok shouldn't be a problem" and finally "that looks FUN!"

Decision has been made to continue using this blog rather than starting a new one. Mainly as I think it will help show my progression by keeping everything in one place and also if I want to use prior research I'll know exactly where it is. Not too much of a problem at the moment but if I had several blogs/courses completed or on the go that could be an issue of remembering exactly where things were electronically filed.

Having gone through the folder and relevant paperwork one of the first things I had to do was think about what I wanted to gain from this course so here is my initial list :o)

There are several things I would like to gain from this course :-

  • Build upon knowledge/skills gained in the previous course.
  • Understand the limits/image capabilities of my camera a little more
  • Push my own creative thinking/experimentation.
  • Expand my theoretical knowledge.
  • Be more open minded with my attitude towards some artists, exploring more than one area of their work.
  • Improve my study skills i.e. applying the Harvard method to research and essay writing.

Although these are my aims I anticipate learning much more along the way :o)

Let the learning begin.......

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