Sunday, 29 May 2011

Summing up Section One

With this next course, PwDP, I found whilst flicking through the projects that a lot of them duplicated some of the information gleaned in DPP but in much more depth. Followers, and anyone coming across this blog randomly, will notice that I didn't complete the final Assignment 1. This is because of a slight change of tack. Having met Gareth at the Paul Graham study day it has been agreed that I can transfer to the new PwDP course that will be published soon and has a totally different approach. I am looking forward to this new course very much, excitement and tredipation as there won't be any examples to refer to, or discussions on forums to read as it is all so new.....

Looking back over the past few weeks and what I want to achieve from the course I think I am on track with "ticking boxes" as far as some of my initial targets are concerned. I've certainly had an open mind towards some artists (Paul Graham for example) been exploring other artists work (my feet certainly know they have walked miles of exhibition halls) and contributed to some discussion forums on the Flickr group and the WeAreOCA site...tho the last lot on flickr tended to be off topic about my car!

I've been keeping a list of all sources and attempted to write them up a la Harvard referencing system but it can be a tad difficult when websites don't have dates on....I've decided that I will publish a post containing all references used at the end of each section as there are quite a few, and leaving to the very end would mean a HUGE list that wouldn't be easy to cross reference.

I've a few more "catching up" posts to make with regards to a short Art Photography course I have signed up for and then I'll have more about my new Assignment One......

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