Thursday, 12 May 2011

Planning and Thinking Ahead

At the beginning of a new course there are the usual things to think about, time management, materials, learning curve etc but until you actually see what you need to produce there are some things that can't be planned too far in advance. I intended to keep a physical log as well as an online blog as I did for DPP and assumed that it would still be an A5 spiral pad. However looking at some of the research I may do, or as the Harvard referencing guide suggests printing out some of the webpages accessed, it might be better to make it A4...or even a ring binder... I think I'll start off with a ring binder. If this proves unwieldy I may change my mind...something to watch.

I've made contact with Joe and confirmed how he likes assignments to be written up/submitted; almost the same as before but he doesn't mind if jpegs are emailed for assessment rather than uploading to a web gallery. Not a problem :o)

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