Thursday, 2 June 2011

Harvard Referencing...

YUK! lololol Looking at the amount of research I seem to be doing for individual posts I think I will reference at the end of each one rather than at the end of a stage....makes more sense I think, just like you do at the end of an essay. The big yuk is there because there are so many different ways you have to reference things depending on the source. I've jumped ahead a few exercises and looked an analysing a famous photograph (still in draft form and I want to upload in order as I think I am a bit OCD like that) and wanted to reference it properly to give me the practice for when writing a critical essay.....gets very unweildy when you reference certain websites, especially if you have to include the "cited in" bit because it's a secondary source....that maybe a strong case for finding the original source down the library rather than relying on web based research.....oh, and reading it more closely I've found the section about unknown information so now I know to put [n.d.] when there is no date! I am going to leave the entries already posted as it shows my progression :o) A minor one but a progression none the less!

Printing out some of the research means I am building up a huge stack of paperwork in an A4 binder...I wonder how many trees I am helping towards killing?!?

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