Saturday, 4 June 2011

Still thinking and Planning

Yups, am still thinking and planning and taking test shots for assignment thinking of what makes a neighbourhood and what makes community, and mentally drawn up a list of where we live, our homes, neighbours, the shops, the schools, places were work, play, how we travel, how we have our environment and how the environment changes us, what we leave behind....

Lots of ideas to explore so it all needs to be condensed to help clarify what and how to photograph it. To help me do that, I've initially decided to see if I can make my selected target area to within just a few roads from my home, am lucky that I do have so many things within minutes walk of where I live. Still playing within this scope of the idea of showing metamorphosis, will have to see whats out there ;o) I would like to include people in my images but they may not be obvious or the main subjects but again that will remain to be seen depending on the results I get. Have to be flexible enough to change tack and take advantage of whats there.

Yesterday I was sitting crosslegged on my garden path trying to explain to various neighbours just why I was lurking with my camera taking photographs of my recycling bins! After explaining the brief in general terms one walked away saying oh right leave you to it then, good luck, while the other tried to tell me I should be photographing the flowers in my garden, or walking to the local woods (which I might but not to take the kind of images she was suggesting lolol...rumours have it that come dusk the younger generation like to "park" but somehow I don't think that will be on my hit list...could get some interesting stuff but I value my camera and my nose...) I politely nodded and tried to explain that I wasn't really after "pretty" shots but she was off on a roll explaining how she had taken this beautiful butterfly shot.....and oh, this lovely tree that looked like a woman extending her arms..... I somehow don't think she'd get my rubbish typology.....

More test shots, taken 3rd June, to see if the recycling/metamophosis idea will work. The idea of the recycling changing into something useful, the old jaguar waiting to be restored, the new neighbour restoring his maisonette and throwing rubbish into the skip, how more and more front gardens are transforming into drives. Not sure if these quite work but that is the whole point of experimentation and exploring.

Today I also visited the local heath and cemetary to see if I could find inspiration there, still thinking along the lines of change. Death changes everything and on the heath we have a tree stump which is used as a memorial, which is an alteration of the original purpose of the tree!

I quite liked the low viewpoint on this one, also the warning sign shows traces of people in the area, even if they are not doing whatthey should be, and also indicates that people frequent this location for it to be neccessary to have such a sign. Although I liked the idea I wasn't happy with the composition so may return to try different angles.

Other items which indicated the presence of people, tending to the graves. More exploration but once more I didn't find them interesting scenes.

Am please with the angle of view provided by using my wide angle lens, thinking maybe I should experiment with other focal lengths but I concerned that if I try to o much experimentation I'll get lost in my train of thought, so sticking with the same focal length until I fully decided on the other linking visual theme to the set.

We all talk about good timing... how about this for reminding me to keep an eye on things, when I was scouting for things to snap exploring 'death' and change.....Gorgeous early evening I wandered about a bit more before thinking I'd go...wander towards the gate the man was just putting on the chain and padlock ;o) I had lost track of time and was nearly locked in lol. He said he did do a round before leaving, and laughed when I said that if he hadn't spotted me (I mean I do tend to grovel at floor level a bit) I would have just climbed the fence ;o)

So be warned, check locking up times and wear a watch!

Am trying to put some thoughts down about the F&F exhibition at the V&A and also do my latest bit of college homework in which I played with photoshop a bit....and while doing that pretend I am not ignoring housework by sticking some washing on etc, back to work next week ;o/ doesn't feel like I have had a week off what with car hunts and dr's....upside is that life would have been more hectic if I hadn't had the week free to do it...try and be positive :o)

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