Sunday, 4 September 2011

Accomodating type

For assignment two, the creation of my own conceptual book design, the emphasis is placed on the photographic element, so whilst not expecting me to be professionally competent with typography, it is still something that needs careful consideration.

With all the books I have examined so far there has always been a sufficient clear space for the title, authors name and any other information that was required. Clear meaning uncluttered, smooth and without detail.

There are three basic ways of fitting type onto an image

  • fit the type into an area without detail

  • place the type in a solid block on top of the image

  • place the photograph as a cut out on the cover.

A more sophisicated way to incorporate the typology is to build it into the image as with Eat, Pray, Love

Or the photographic elements can be broken into sections into which the type can fit.

Whichever style is adopted the photograph for my assignment should dominate the cover design and not be subordinate to the type.

The three main elements on the cover, as discovered in the previous exercises, are

  • authors name
  • book title
  • strap line/quotes
More often than not the title goes large at the top of the book cover with the author below. However I have discovered that this rule is broken with more well known authors such as Wilbur Smith, Nora Roberts and Joanna Trollope. In these instances the name goes larger as the author is the main selling point.


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