Monday, 19 September 2011

Experimenting with smoke

Something that has intrigued me for a while is the images of smoke I have come across online. It crossed my mind that if I could successfully capture it I might be able to incorporate/manipulate it into my book design...although not a bad first attempt not good enough, but something to work on :o)

I didn't have enough seperation from the backdrop and the table the incense was sitting on, I was using a spot light not a remote off camera flash and I struggled to get the timing/shutter speed right, either capturing no smoke or huge bellows. There seemed to be a draught which kept moving the smoke from view and the heat from the lamp also had an impact. When I try this again I think I need to use my spot light snoot, possibly make one a slightly smaller size? Place the light further back and also adjust how far away my camera is from the incense cone...a learning curve but a fun one.

Smoke lighting set up


  1. You could try inverting the image and the smoke may become easier to work/colour?

  2. Hi, that is something I could do but being completely honest about my first attempts I wasn't happy with what I had captured to even bother attempting to manipulate it :o) I think I needed a faster shutter speed to catch the plumes I was after but my lighting wasn't sufficient to do so, I need to play about with the lighting set up a bit more.

    Cheers :o)