Monday, 28 October 2013

PwDP Part 5 Professional standards

Although excited that I am finally getting to the end of this course after a torrid 18 months I am also dreading the final part, yet another essay to analyse (which I did with the others) but this has been ticked off, research and review photographic slideshows (god more research and analysis :oP)  planning coverage of an event, produce a written plan, look at marketing and develop a publishing plan, shooting and processing and finally Assignment 5 covering an event.

I am not so keen on covering event, the time pressure is there, the lack of opportunity to reshoot if images don't work. If outside the weather will have an enormous impact on people attending and the atmosphere, too bright and the contrast in shadows will be too great, rain and no-one will be there, very overcast and although you have lovely diffused lighting images can look too flat and dull.

Added to that you possibly need to gain permission to be there, possibly get permission from the subjects to publish the images when done. If necessary release forms to get completed. I always have doubt, I never think my images are clear enough or interesting enough and the idea of actually having to approach someone to suggest they PAY for them makes me feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. Not sure where I want to head with my photography in this respect I don't think that photojournalism is a route I would take based on all of my hangups. I should be more confident I guess, go and take more photographs and become more comfortable with my camera and photographing strangers. Onwards and upwards......


  1. I felt just the same with my Ass 5 for P&P but I actually enjoyed it, I decided to act into it and behave as if I was a professional photographer (forgot to mention that in my write-up) and it helped.

  2. I've had a few trial runs, covering "events" that I haven't intended to be my assignment 5 but to give me practice, feeling a bit better about it all but still filled with trepidation. On the day I hope to do it justice though :o)