Tuesday, 17 December 2013

PwDP Assignment 5 Exercise: A written plan

From planning the event to shooting...

  • Identify Event - Rochester 2013 Dickensian Christmas Festival - build up and Festival Weekend
  • Research  Event - online galleries, websites and publications
  • Permissions and access - speak to organisers discover what is happening when will permissions for buildings/characters be required
  • Site reconnaissance - visit beforehand to check out parking, lighting, vantage points, traffic closures size of area to be covered event stages and venues.
  • Provisional shot list:
Key Moments- the parades, Seven Poor Travellers' Procession, candle lit parade, street entertainment, stage performances, Punch and Judy, Carols for Christmas.

Preparations - stallholders setting up, band practice, characters getting ready/sorting costumes

Behind the Scenes - unpacking cars, relaxing with a cup of tea, Victorian Characters on mobile phones or other quirky moments

Wide establishing shots - crowds, the parades, market stalls, entertainers and the crowds, fake snow

Telephoto- Shots from a higher vantage point showing a mass of people, the parade, close up of certain characters

Close up detail - Christmas Market- chance for close up shots of merchandise, uniforms and costumes, possibly chance to capture finer details

Spectator reaction shots - children watching Punch and Judy, reaction to characters and street entertainment, fake snow 

  • Equipment check list
Be prepared to deviate from the plan and go with the flow but with these ideas in mind I should have a decent variety of images once the event has ended.

  • arrive early to ensure parking, have all equipment needed
  • park close enough that should equipment not be required it can be left in the car and not carried about all day
  • be prepared for inclement weather - waterproof cover for camera and small umbrella
  • be prepared for poor lighting, have flash gun and bounce card
  • walk the route of the parade and check all stage areas
  • permissions checked there should be no problems with access or shooting required images
  • check where the loos are and suitable place to find food and drink between events
  • have provisional shot list
  • have pen and paper to jot down names of characters/groups or anyone who wants my details or to give me theirs

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