Saturday, 19 February 2011

Assignment 5: Personal project

For the final assignment of the course I need to draw together all I have learned and apply it to a personal project. It is important to think about a subject and treatment for which I have a personal enthusiasm, that over a period of time would build to and culminate in a collection of about 10-12 final images. The scope is very broad but I want to ensure I identify fully with the topic.

It is an idea to discuss some of the ideas being considered with my tutor and agree a deadline for producing the final set of images. The early a topic is chosen the more time you have to narrow down various ideas of composition and execution.

A brief from the outset is good practise and will assist with my own assessment at the end. Did I achieve what I had set out to do and was I satisfied with the end result? Could I have improved upon it? What did I learn during its completion?

Decisions taken and progress made should be noted in my learning log.

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