Friday, 18 February 2011

Assignment 4 Feedback

Full Tutor report can be found on the Tutor Report Page.
Once again I was pleased with the feedback given and it was noted that I had completed research before undertaking this element of the course :o)

This particular assignment is so well done it is difficult to improve upon and this is a credit to your hard work and understanding of not only this assignment, but all your previous work also.

Only a few pointers to improve/correct so I shall rework the image accordingly to see what impact they have.

In the photograph itself there is “noise” but that does go with the dramatic image and the anti bullying contents of the magazine.

The image is also a bit flat and would benefit with a bit more contrast and at first the fist in the mouth in the form of teeth is not that clear. I would paint the fist the same color as the yellow text so that the viewer recognizes them as “teeth” and this will add a bit more impact to the image.

The noise was deliberately added for effect so I was pleased that this was noted :o) On reflection the flatness was possibly not so much due to the contrast but because of the opacity of the main image, I increased this to 86% as I felt having it at 100% was a little too overpowering. Experimenting with the contrast and brightness I found altering the values too much also increased the noise to the detriment of the image. I adjusted them slightly but then used dodge and burn to lift certain areas. To make the "teeth" pop a little more I used the lasso tool to select the fist and applied a yellow photo filter using the same colour yellow as the font, f4ee8d, this has the desired effect but keeps it subtle.

On the text side for me it is perfect, but I would replace the “o” in “Order Your Copy Now!” with a capital “O”.

Text amended as advised and I do think it is more eye-catching.

Other than that there is little else that I can say except well done for completing an exceptionally good assignment.

For Comparison

Re-worked Image

Having taken on-board the comments given by Peter and made the necessary amendments I can see the improvement to the cover. The main image is lifted, the teeth "pop" more and can be seen as a fist. I had been concerned with them looking too fake, although obviously they are, but I think the photo filter has done the trick. Changing the lower case to upper case has also given the text more impact. Minor alterations but definitely worth making :o)

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