Friday, 18 February 2011

Project 5: The Final Image

The Final Image

These last exercises concern the last areas of workflow, the finishing and displaying of the final image. With digital photography you are in in full command of the entire process, there is no disputing that should you wish to complete every aspect of production you have to have full control and that the finished photograph is the ultimate goal. How you choose to display this image adds more complexity to the final processing. Nowadays you can either print the final image or display it on a web gallery. More and more photographers are choosing to do both.


When you have a final product you also need to take into consideration making safe copies, IE. backing up. I have a system in place for backing up images which I outlined in my workflow research but a brief trail would be

download from the memory card using bridge>create folder with unique reference containing all original files> duplicate folder held on external drive> duplicate folder burnt to disc>images first select and initial edit saved to new unique folder appropriately named>different versions of worked on files saved in new folder and external drive and burnt to disc>final images saved to folder>saved to external drive and burnt to disc.

Proof sheets are also created and I have an archive list stored in excel. The backing up is not always done immediately and I recognise this is an area which I could tighten up on.


I have two printers, an Epson R300 which is really a bit of a workhorse for me, it is used for kids homework and my draft prints so it uses a CISS, whilst this is useful it does not provide high quality prints. For printing I use a smaller Epson R285 and I use only Epson Inks and Epson papers. My monitor is calibrated using a Spyder3 Express and I have noticed that my prints have a much closer reproduction to that of my monitor screen. I have created printed portfolios for previous courses but so far on this module my tutor has been happy with online submissions.

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