Saturday, 16 July 2011

Assignment One: Your own neighbourhood Feedback

I think I got more feedback for this first assignment than I did for the whole of the last course. Which can only be good but meant I have a lot to take in and digest. Another difference is that I have been asked not to quote any of the feedback online, no issue with that, just I did like to put bits onto my blog when I amended things as it made sure in my head that I had done the required work. Minor adjustment in thinking but not a problem.

A few issues with it being a new course and originally receiving a draft copy, the revised module arrived but I missed the fact a sentence had been removed meaning I sent printed final images when it's no longer an option. Also a disc containing my original unedited files went walkabout, I swear I put it in the parcel, but that meant Joe could only partially comment on the work :o/

Some handy tips about best practise, which I shall take on board. Level two requires you to think outside the box more, and communicate on every decision you make. In light of this I have revamped some of my earlier posts. I had done the research but not PROVED a fair amount of time this week was spent updating blog. A few more adjustments to make but you get 'worded out' after a while. The thing about having to think outside the box is you have to know the size of the box you are in, being my first level 2 I feel as if I am rattling around inside a huge one and finding the walls and edges is going to take a while. It is good that I am going to be pushed but just how far will I need to be pushed? I don't want too many bruises ;o)

Next assignment I shall make sure I send an in-depth document covering everything I did to achieve the final result, that all comments are relevant, no padding (that will be hard as I quite like to be anecdotal and a bit quirky with my observations) but I guess with educational documentation you need to be formal. Keep my quips to the blog ;o)

Some of my images still had fringing on them, which I should have spotted :o/ Means I also need to go off and do some more experimentation with my lens to see at what point this actually happens, also re-edit the offending photos.

So more experimentation with photographic techniques, read through all of the module now I have it, look at the links to the indicated sites and tie it in with the module aims.

Overall summary is that it was a reasonable assignment with scope for further detail and experimentation. Reasonable is better than poor. Honest feedback and I'll take onboard all the suggestions for improvement :o)

*update re-working Here

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