Saturday, 30 July 2011

Video Test.............

Well that seems to have worked.....I've known since setting my blog up that you could embed videos but never got round to doing so. I have previously just pasted links but having seen this video on Eileen's Blog I thought I really needed to give it a go. I think Bill Brandt's images really do capture a moment in time and convey the emotions of the people really well so it's great to actually hear the man himself talk about them.

What struck me about him personally was how quietly spken and modest he is. When discussing his images he put a lot of them down to luck, a policeman turning a corner, standing under a light and looking up at him, a young girl coming into frame and dancing while he photographed a group of children. On one of his images about the parlour maids he said 'anyone could have taken that photograph, anyone.'

He says that at the time of taking his photographs he didn't really think about them as becoming part of history, but acknowledges now that they have become more interesting because they captured a disappearing world. Sometimes I think I forget that when shooting the everyday, thinking that maybe it isn't interesting enough, that it is too ordinary. A good lesson to learn and something to consider, in even a few weeks time the snapshots we take can have caught the history of a place. A few years go I took images of my local high street which has now changed an awful lot.


  1. Glad you found this as interesting as I did Jan. I think I could learn a great deal from further study of this man's work.

  2. I've only watched the first two so far, time is such a pain at the moment it keeps catching up on me, but I agree he does give you food for thought. You have lots of interesting videos and thoughts on your blog, now I hope to do the same :o)Thanks for the inspiration.