Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Project 4: Reality and intervention

Reality. What is real? Is it real? Something you can ask in any given subject but once associated with photography throws a different light upon the subject (no pun intanded). Compared to film photography a digital file is always open to alteration and adjustment.

Explored in the previous projects were the concepts that from the moment you pick up your camera you are fully in control of what is captured, how it is captured and the final processing , therefore manipulation of content and meaning can be open to abuse. How is an audience to know what is the "truth"?

There are many examples of images, and not all from the digital age, that have had significant or even insignificant changes which have altered the context quite considerably.

Is all intervention to be frowned at? The next set of exercises are for me to explore the practicalities and ethics of manipulation and to judge those which I consider appropriate or acceptable in given situations.

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