Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Assignment 3 Feedback

Full Feedback can be found on the Tutor Report Page :o) Once again I am really happy with the feedback and suggestions given :o)

Overall Comments

Hi Jan,
Thank you for sending in your third assignment. As usual I have had a brief look at your images on your blog and they are of a very high standard indeed, so it is going to be difficult for me to advise you as to how you can improve. With quality images like these you should do well at the assessment if you decide to go for it.

Going to Work on an Egg

Peter has made a comment that to improve pictorially, I could remove one of  the traffic cones so that I only have five components for the shot as for some reason odd numbers always give a slightly better composition. I never realised that so will clone one out and see what the result is :o)

I chose to clone out the far right as I liked the angle of the other cone. Had the original scene been made up of only 5 elements I may have spaced them slightly differently so although I can see the effect of having an odd number of elements I think I prefer the original shot.

Then experimenting I cloned out the angled cone. I think this is a better spaced composition however I do like the other cone better :o/

Then to play even further I created a duplicate cone which I placed in the frame, the reflection "falls off" but it does give an odd number of elements. I think this is too busy but was only to see what the effect was rather than a serious rework :oP

In conclusion I think I'd stick to my original image but remember in future to think of the "odd number" rule.

*amendment* doing a final review of this several months later I actually quite like re-work number one but still not entirely happy with the spacing in the frame am still sticking with my original shot ;o)

Painting by Numbers

Only a minor comment that the fern is possibly a shade too close to the edge of the frame, I cropped the original image to bring the fern into the corner a little more so easily remedied.

Gravy Train
Comment was ...This one to me is not quite as good as some of your other shots, but it is still very good. Technically perfect, I would liked to have seen the train on the bridge come just a bit more into the frame so the viewer could see the Oxo cube a bit better. The only other thing that bothers me slightly is the way the track continues out of the frame as it tends to lead the eye out and is therefore a bit distracting.

This image I did have issues with constructing. Originally I did have less track but I was not happy with the composition and added more, possibly a mistake...I had wanted to make a complete circle but with the bridge made the scene to large, building the track with the bridge gave added height and interest. I'll see if I can clone some out without it appearing too odd, The train I did alter from one direction to another which impacted on the view/angle of the OXO cubes, bringing it further down then made the train on the track affected the reflection of the train in the background and the reflection of the train itself within the frame, so a compromise was made ;o)

The track just ending at the bridge seems odd although the piece of track cloned out at the back seems an improvement so I tried another version with leaving the track running off the frame under the bridge but removing the extra at the back.

for a comparrison here all all three side by side. I think I prefer the second rework of just the small piece of track removed. Although a piece of track does lead the eye out of the frame to the lefthand side it does "join" up with the reflection of the bridge which should lead the eye back in.

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