Sunday, 28 November 2010

Optimising tone and colour

In this section of the course I need to consider very carefully they way I process my images as this will have an impact on the quality. To optimise, in the context of the following exercises, means to improve by using basic adjustments. Hopefully most images taken are spot on but this isn't always the case and on occasion a different setting may give a more pleasing end result.

Before any adjustments to the images are made ideally my monitor should be calibrated. I purchased a Spyder3 Express a while back and make sure I re-calibrate when I get the reminder to do so. When processing my images I make sure that the monitor is not situated in direct light and try to make sure the lighting conditions are always the same, or as close as possible to the same. Since employing the Spyder3 I have noticed that my prints are much closer to my monitor.

When optimising an image I should check the following, contrast range, brightness, unwanted colour cast and that blacks and whites are not tinged with colour.

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