Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Playing With Blog

Taking a few days out of taking photos due to being back at work, the weather not playing ball and the light fading fast! Decided to work a little on this learning blog. I am adding pages and gadgets and enjoying discovering others also studying with the OCA. I have found a few blogs covering the same modules so it is reassuring to see I am on the same lines as them <phew>. Flickr has an OCA group which I have joined and in a few weeks time am attending a London get together which I am really looking forward to.

My flashgun has been found YAY! Surprisingly enough it was in the cupboard in my bedroom where I keep photo albums, negatives, a few books and other photographic related stuff that isn't used much. Safe place to keep it but am so used to finding my stuff (whatever it is) under piles of paper on my PC desk was shocked not to find it there when I looked ;o)

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