Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Spending Money ;o)

Not a vast amount... but I felt it would come in handy. I have decided that some of my images will no doubt be some kind of still life. In fact there may be experimentation with still life for Assignment 2, if successful they will be submitted...if not there will be another topic chosen ;o)

Discovering over the years that playing with some of the papers/fabrics/card I possess don't always give the best results, the proverbial bullet was bitten and a couple of yards of black cotton velvet has been purchased...now all that needs to happen is the production of some decent images...it's the lighting that needs to be explored as well :o) Watch this space....I may even upload the disasters!

Years ago I was told about the virtues and properties of black velvet. Reading up online about it it seems to still be a recommended product, though some photographers use black muslin as a backdrop with success.

I found this tutorial for product photography which I thought would come in handy, although I don't have the impressive array of lights that he does!

What is Product Photography?: Tabletop Product Photography | eHow.com

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