Saturday, 9 October 2010

Batman Begins...

Well I don't know about Batman...but I begin....

I have my coursework folder and a letter from my tutor, the deadline for my first assignment is 30th November.

Project 1: Workflow

Exercise 1: Your own workflow -1
Exercise 2: Your own workflow -2
Exercise 3: Histogram
Exercise 4: Editing

Assignment 1 : Workflow

Having previously completed a photography course the importance of workflow was drummed into me and I am looking forward to researching more and discovering the different ways others may implement theirs. Obviously different genres and situations require different overall workflow but most of the basic points remain the same. Workflow is the word used for the processes, the sequence of actions, used to move from capture to print/publication. With the onset on digital photography working out and establishing  a coherent and consistent approach is imperative. A brief summary would be

  • preparation
  • check camera settings
  • location
  • equipment required
  • shooting
  • transfer of images
  • examination of images
  • select, process and caption
  • save and archive
  • print/upload
If unsure of how and why workflow is important there are many websites/tutorials on the net that can help. for example.

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