Saturday, 9 October 2010

Project 1 Exercise 1: Your Own Workflow - 1

For this first exercise I have to devise and put into practice a workflow which suits me for a specific short assignment. It is recommended that this assignment is a portrait session with a limited time frame. I need to arrange models, a suitable location and equipment. consider the poses and angles of my model. A number of images should be taken which will then need to be edited in order to select one or two. The assignment must contain

  • Time limit
  • On the spot development and improvement of composition
  • A sequence of images, possibly 20 or more
  • A session of picture selection
  • Processing the final image
Planned Workflow -

[Choose model and arrange a mutually convenient time for the session
[Choose a suitable location

[Choose suitable equipment according to what you personally own or can be made available
[Prepare equipment. Ensure battery and spare are fully charged. Batteries in flash charged. Memory cards formatted and spare cards available. Lens and sensor are clean

[Set up session ensuring health and safety are taken into consideration

[Ensure model is comfortable 

[Undertake photo session  varying expressions and poses altering focal length and camera position throughout the session

[Take photograph using  jpeg+RAW

[Upload to PC using Adobe Bridge

[Use Template to embed metadata and apply custom name

[View images, complete technical check deleting outright mistakes

[Choose final images for processing

[Open in Camera Raw

[Use Workspace ProPhoto 16bit 300dpi

[Adjust if necessary. Exposure reading first, temperature, tint and anything else as required

[Open in Photoshop
[Crop if required
[Create curves layer rename C&D (Colour and Density)

[Create other adjustment layers as required. Fine tune adjustment layers using black and white paintbrushes to remove/reapply layer mask. Adjust opacity, size hardness of brush to obtain required effect.

[Save Master file with layers intact. Save As Tiff file, LZW, ZIP compression then flatten Image, Save As TiffV2 for conversion to other file/image sizes.
[Sharpen at last stage before printing or final use in Books or Web. For internet use colour profile SRGB.Adobe Photoshop CS4 has a useful "save for web" option. For personal printing use ProPhoto. If using printers establish which colour profiles they work with.

[ Set correct printer [ Paper Orientation [ Colour Management [Photoshop Manages Colour

[Printer/paper profile [Perceptual [ Black Point Compensation.
[Page Set Up [Best Photo [Advanced Tab
[Source Sheet [ Paper Type [ Photo RPM [ Paper Size [ Untick High Speed [ ICM  [ OK [ Print

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