Saturday, 16 October 2010

Exercise 2: Your own workflow - 2 Review

For this assignment I followed more or less the outline workflow from Exercise 1.

Reflecting on assignment 2 choosing the location was fairly straight forward. I enjoy the challenge of street/documentary photography, feel this is an area where I can improve my techniques and so I was more than happy to join a flickr group organised trip to the Commercial Road and surrounding area in London. I had to check the train timetable and arrange a meet up time. All equipment was prepared the previous evening, (cards formatted in camera and batteries charged) I consciously made the decision to only take one lens, my 18-55mm kit lens as I felt it was less obtrusive and would cover the range of shots I wanted to take. Forecast checked and suitably attired I set off. Photographs were taken using jpeg and RAW and I constantly checked my manual settings/histogram due to the changing light conditions. I had originally set my WB to auto, ISO 400 f10 and had in mind to try and stick with a focal length of 18mm. I adjusted these settings when needed but did find on occasion that I had knocked some of the settings in error so I need to make sure I take care with the buttons!

A total of 221 shots were taken over the course of several hours. I would check my LCD to make sure of correct framing and was I achieving the results I had hoped for. During the shoot I feel I anticipated the needs of various stages well. I possibly should have taken a lens hood as the sun was out more than the forecast had anticipated and at one point I was rather warm but was able to remove a layer ;o) I was happy with the location and the rest of the equipment taken.

The group I went with at one point all ended up in the same small market, so we were rather obvious walking around with DSLR's therefore that is something I need to take into consideration; possibly going in a smaller group or on my own.

Returning home I used the workflow I have established so far uploading my digital images using Adobe Bridge. I have a card reader but my PC also has one built in. I always upload using this as it saves my camera battery.

Uploading from memory card to PC via Adobe Bridge

Choosing file/folder and applying metadata

Viewing images for the first time

Although I use Bridge I am still learning all the functions it has. I am aware that you can rate/label your images and then display the images according to how many stars were given, I have as yet to practise this more and learn how to apply labels. I think this will help me review and edit my images more quickly. I have a set archiving system but have changed it slightly to reflect the fact I wish to keep all my OCA images together as well in the main folder on my PC and external drive. Images will be backed up onto disc fairly quickly. I also create proofsheets but invariably this is done sometime after and I tend to use Epson Photoquicker to make them. Images are named yyyy/mm/dd/event this enables me to find them in a chronological order which I find works best for me.

Once again images were edited, then opened in RAW. A few minor adjustments were made to exposure, then opened in Photoshop. Adjustment layers made if needed . Saved as TIF then Jpeg and sharpened using unsharp mask.

Carrying out these exercises have once again shown me the importance of having a plan in mind as it focuses your overall aim and how you expect to achieve it. Contingency can then be built in from the start. An established workflow means you automatically carry out tasks in a tried and tested fashion and are less likely to overlook something important or make mistakes. However you must be able to adapt and be flexible with your plans and also be prepared to learn new things along the way.

Below are two images that I quite liked from the set I edited.

Repairs to London Bridge

Watching the light

More images from the set can be found on my flickr page

I found surfing the net and carrying out research into the way others complete their workflow there are only a few very small differences. They are usually to do with preference in naming files and how quickly back up is done. Some don't shoot in RAW... The links below were informative and reasuring that my workflow is basically sound even if it could use a few tweaks....unfortunately I don't have access to immediate back up if out on location. nor do I have a fireproof safe ;o)

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