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After a photoshoot, when you take as many images as possible in the time allowed, it is important to then take time to go through a selection process. The obvious errors deleted, the over/under exposed, the blurred put aside, which maybe revisited if well composed, leaving only the best remaining as a basic set.

This final set can then be even more closely examined, creative judgement applied and a decision made as to which final few images are "the best." However picture selection is highly subjective and people have personal preferences as to how some scenes should be portrayed.

To help me with this exercise I am going to explore Adobe Bridge in more depth and learn how to label or rate my images.

From the web site

Labeling files with a certain color or assigning ratings of zero (0) to five stars lets you mark a large number of files quickly. You can then sort files according to their color label or rating.
For example, suppose you’re viewing a large number of imported images in Adobe Bridge. As you review each new image, you can label the images you want to keep. After this initial pass, you can use the Sort command to display and work on files that you’ve labeled with a particular color.
You can label and rate folders as well as files.
You can assign names to labels in Labels preferences. The name is then added to the file’s metadata when you apply the label. When you change names of labels in preferences, any files with the older label appear with white labels in the Content panel.
Note: When you view folders, Adobe Bridge shows both labeled and unlabeled files until you choose another option.

Label files

 Select one or more files and choose a label from the Label menu. To remove labels from files, choose Label > No Label.

Rate files

  1. Select one or more files.
  2. Do any of the following:
    • In the Content panel, click the dot representing the number of stars you want to give the file. (In Thumbnail view, a thumbnail must be selected for the dots to appear. Also, dots do not appear in very small thumbnail views. If necessary, scale the thumbnails until the dots appear. In List view, make sure that the Ratings column is visible.)
    • Choose a rating from the Label menu.
    • To add or remove one star, choose Label > Increase Rating or Label > Decrease Rating.
    • To remove all stars, choose Label > No Rating.
    • To add a Reject rating, choose Label > Reject.
      Note: To hide rejected files in Adobe Bridge, choose View > Show Reject Files
Although a CS3 tutorial I found this useful :o)

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