Saturday, 9 October 2010

Drowning in Paperwork ;o)

Ok thats the first part done. My Blog is set up. Now to read through the getting started section and the importance of keeping this learning log. Having looked through the student support pack I know the importance of this tool. Not only will it help me reflect on my learning it will also show my tutor "waves to tutor" how and what I have learned. It is vital that I make this as comprehensive as possible as it forms 20% of my marks.

So I take on board that everytime I post I need to make sure of the following :-

  • It's relevant
  • it's honest
  • useful
  • helpful
  • It's reflective.
I also need to make sure I keep a note of all correspondence with my tutor...does that include the embaressment of saying "Hello. This is me. Please find attached my profile" and then not attaching it? Good start eh ;o)

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